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Accredited Masters Programs

ESAFE’s undergraduate students pursue their academic goals in an environment designed to inspire, support, and empower them.

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Executive Masters Programs

ESAFE train professionals and executives through executive education programs following the Anglo-Saxon Agricultural model and highly adapted to the local context we offer world-class executive masters to professionals from private and public sectors in Morocco & Africa.

Crop Nutrition Executive Master Program

Crop Nutrition

Crop Nutrition Executive Master Program provide basic knowledge and understanding of fundamental and applied aspects of crop nutrition and offer practical research experience in laboratory and field. The program is designed to provide the most comprehensive training possible in this field.

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Precision Agriculture Executive Master Program

Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture Executive Master Program provide basic knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles and applied aspects of precision agriculture. The program is designed to introduce students to the current concepts, technologies, tools, and information management strategies employed in precision agriculture.

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Fertilizer Science & Technology Executive Master Program

Fertilizer Science & Technology

Fertilizer Science & Technology Executive Master Program objectives is to enable graduates to have profound knowledge of fertilizers and soil fertility. The acquired knowledge will be an asset for developing the next generation of fertilizer products and for industrial management of fertilizers.

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Short Term Trainings

The ESAFE Short Term Trainings Increase awareness of OCP employees and Professionals to the vital importance of Agriculture and the important role of fertilizers in improving crop productivity.

Customized Trainings

The ESAFE Customized Trainings Programs Improve technical effectiveness of executives working in the OCP Fertilizer value chains.

Onboarding Program


The objective of the Program is to provide participants with a deep knowledge of practices in the fertilizer industry value chain; from industrial practices to the farmers’ field, industrial management and the next generation of fertilizers to best management practices for crop production and environment protection.

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ESAFE, Missions and Values

The Schools’s mission is to develop skills, Promote research, and agricultural sciences, Create and Make the World Ever Better.

Embedded in that ideal are the values we share: Excellence, equity, leadership, Passion, Openness, Audacity, Equality & Meritocracy, Commitment & Responsibility.

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Missions and Values at ESAFE

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