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Empowering Science in Agriculture For Excellence

One of the Africa's leading in agricultural research and education, and we aim to be a worldwild leader. ESAFE School trains experts in agriculture to contribute to food security by furthering research. and its programs address relevant topics through continuing education, executive Master’s and accredited programs, and also we help our students & researchers to transform ideas into companies that create value and make the world of agriculture ever better.


Located in Benguerir, near Marrakech, in the heart of the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University. ESAFE is the School of Agriculture, our diverse community includes more than 65 faculty and researchers, 2OO students, and 1O staff.

President Sarah Mangelsdorf

Leadership and administration

Abdallah Oukarroum is a plant physiologist with a strong research interest in the functional plasticity of plants under stress. According to a Scientific paper recently published by Stanford University, he was ranked as one of the 2% top scientists in the world in 2021.

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Our Faculty and Researchers

The success of our faculty is matched by that of our alumni get the most valuable places as an employee in known international organizations or in their entrepreneurial careers

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Students & Alumni

Students will find the help and support they need through a wide range of University Mohamed V Polytechnic's services and Popular Alumni Resources.

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Campus Life at UM6P & ESAFE

the campus combines modernity and tradition and provides new and well-equipped infrastructures, which allows students to benefit from a living environment conducive to learning, community life and personal growth.

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What Makes ESAFE Special

Empowering Science in Agriculture For Excellence


ESAFE, Missions and Values

The Schools’s mission is to develop skills, Promote research, and agricultural sciences, Create and Make the World Ever Better.

Embedded in that ideal are the values we share: Excellence, equity, leadership, Passion, Openness, Audacity, Equality & Meritocracy, Commitment & Responsibility.

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